concrete collage

oncrete Collage, AKA 'stepping stones' or' pavers'. When Jo and I decided to start building walkways we realized that to get what we wanted we would have to make our own pavers. So we made forms and bought cement. We began with making simple, plain pavers, using just the surface texture for interest, but almost immediately we started adding 'things' to create even greater interest. Things we've added so far: cell phones, old tools, nails, bolts, & screws, keys, washers, ball bearings, plastic soldiers, rocks, hinges, dominoes, dice, scrabble letters, checkers, keyboard pieces, sea shells, tin can lids, wire, small toys, coins, metal golf shoe cleaners, unidentified thingies, etc. When people visit, they always take notice and are fascinated. We were surprised that almost everybody seems to like them.

Each Concrete Collage is about 11" x 11", and weighs around 12 lbs. Two will go in a USPS Flat Rate Box.

And as you can see, one of our 2 feral killer cats, 'Thunder', finds the pavers a cool place to lounge.



This Concrete Collage has an old rusty door hinge attached, along with a 'swirl-like' design feature..


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